How about a little UNDERCOVER action?

Happy fall everyone! I know it has been a while since I have had anything to tell you. Actually it’s more like not taking the time to blog that I’m guilty of and I apologize. But I have been busy trying to finish UNDERCOVER!

For those of you who write, you know all the work that goes into promoting a book and I am constantly talking to someone about my writing. Last week when I was in Verizon trying to get my phone un-hacked, the tech who was helping me noticed the background on my Droid which is my book cover for PESCADERO CREEK. Well that sparked a whole conversation with him about a book he is writing and what mine is about and when the next one is coming out and where he could get a copy…then everyone around us who heard us talking wanted information on where they could get it locally and how much it cost…an hour later I had my phone fixed and had sold half a dozen books! I am amazed at the number of people who are writing a book right now or wish they were writing one. I realize I am extremely blessed to be able to do this.

This morning I spoke with a woman in Manila who works for Charter Communications. She was trying to help me with my internet connection and when I told her my email address is, she said, “OH! You are a writer!” and immediately started asking me what I write about and how many books  I have out and where can she get a copy and just went on and on about how much she admired what I was doing. I have to admit by the time I had finished with the electronic voice on the support line, I was not in a good mood when I started speaking to a real live person. As a matter of fact, I was pretty aggravated at that point and I had to really change my attitude and answer her questions calmly and politely because she was totally sweet. She had a degree in journalism and was telling me  how she used to be a reporter for a local newspaper and how she had worked with the police department. This girl kept me on the line and asked the name of the book again and how to spell it, where she could get it and if I had used my real name when I wrote PC. I could tell she was truly a writer because of her questions. Anyway, she calmed me down and got my internet back up and she is going to order a copy of PESCADERO CREEK after work today! So PC will now be in The Philippines!

 I am  now working with my editor Bridget Rongner on the final editing stages of UNDERCOVER! I know right? Very exciting. Hopefully it will be released by late November. UNDERCOVER is the second book in what has now become THE PESCADERO CREEK SERIES and picks up right where PC left you; on the honeymoon. So for those of you who have read PC, you know what you are in for. Anyway,I have been promising you an excerpt. Here it is:

“What’s wrong, baby?” Rob asked, picking up on her strange behavior. He had not seen her like this since that first night she had spent with him in the beach house back in Pacifica. “Are you nervous?” he asked.

She looked confused for a minute. “No! Well . . . yes,” she stammered. “I guess I am.” She laughed.

“Why? We’ve already consummated our marriage, Magdalena,” Rob said as he smiled at her.

Morgan laughed at him for calling her that. “I don’t know. I guess I just want everything to be perfect.” She blushed. “You know, that was a real wedding we had today.”

“Oh, baby, everything is perfect,” Rob said as he pulled her close. “It has stopped raining, and the stars are out. Let’s go for a swim. I need to cool off.”  

“Okay,” Morgan whispered, feeling better.

“Let me get my trunks on,” Rob said.

“I’ll get my suit,” she said, grinning.

Morgan put on a red two-piece bathing suit. It was very tiny and didn’t cover much, especially on the top. When she walked out of the sliding glass door to the patio, Rob stopped with his beer midway to his mouth. He sat motionless as he watched her come toward him. She took the bottle that he held and set it on the table. He abruptly got to his feet, forcing the chair he was sitting in to scrape loudly against the floor of the patio. “Sam was right; I am a lucky son of a bitch.”

Morgan laughed and wrapped her arms around his muscular body. “I am the one who is lucky; you are everything I have ever wanted. I love you, Rob,” she said as she looked deeply into his blue-green eyes.

“I love you, Mags. No one will ever love you like I do. I want you to remember that,” he said as he held her lovely face in his hands and kissed her tenderly.

She let out a long breath. “Let’s get wet,” she said as she started backing him toward the pool. When he was at the edge, she held him there. He put his arms around her and held on.

She smiled at him, and he knew she was up to no good. He tried to brace himself on the edge of the pool. Morgan looked at him sweetly and with one push sent him backward into the water. However, she had not counted on him having a good grip on her top—with one tug, it went along with him into the pool. She screamed as she stood topless teetering on the side of the pool. At that moment, Maria came out to check on them one last time before she left for the evening.

Morgan had no choice but to jump in with Rob. He laughed as he held the bathing suit top out of her reach as she tried to get it away from him. She finally grabbed onto him and hid behind his back as Maria came closer. Morgan wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his middle. While she was talking to Maria, he was busy untying the strings to her bottoms as his hands worked under the water out of the housekeeper’s view.

Morgan tried to push his hands away and hang on to him at the same time, but she found it impossible to do without exposing herself to Maria. She gave in and let Rob remove the rest of her suit. They told Maria goodnight, and as soon as the housekeeper was back inside, she tightened her grip on him. “You are in so much trouble, McAllister,” she said into his ear. He dove under the water with her, but she escaped, swimming to the other end of the pool.

She lost sight of him for a moment and then she felt him come up behind her. He held out his trunks in one hand and flung them over to the side. She giggled as he pinned her in a corner of the pool.

Let me know what you think! Please leave me a comment and check out my new PESCADERO CREEK SERIES page on Facebook and hit the like button! I really appreciate your time in doing so! As always, keep reading and I’ll keep bringing a little romance into your life- one novel at a time!


6 thoughts on “How about a little UNDERCOVER action?

  1. My editor Bridget and I are finishing up the final editing right now. As soon as it is complete, I will send it off to Mirror! Then, there will be more editing for the jacket and layout! So hang in there! We are on the downhill slope!

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