Book Signings Are Going Great!

Whew! As much fun as they are exhausting-I must say my book signings have been awesome. I am so thankful that PESCADERO CREEK is going over so well! At my first book signing that took place in Quincy, IL, right across the river from where I grew up in Missouri, I had an attendance of 85 people! GREAT DEBATE BOOKS was very happy with me! We had an excellent time and sold many books. Not to mention the cups of coffee and the drinks at the coffee bar that everyone consumed! (By the way, the coffee shop at the store is really good!)

It was great to see my family and many of my high school friends who attended the signing. I have been keeping up with most of them on Facebook, but some came because of the article in the local papers; the Press News Journal and the Quincy Herald Whig. Who, by the way, wrote excellent articles about me including pictures of me and the book’s cover.

One of my high school teachers came by and a lady that I did not recognize at first! I knew I remembered her from school, but I just could not place her. Faces do change after thirty years! Anyway, she said, “Vickey, you don’t remember me do you?” I looked at her but I just could not place her and finally I had to admit it. She said, “I was a cook in the cafeteria where you went to highschool.” I almost cried. Then she said, “I remember you!” Wow! I was so choked up, I could hardly speak. Out of all those kids, she remembered me! Of course, I don’t know if it was in a good way or not, but she was there! It really touched my heart.

My publicist and sister, Mary McIntosh (also the name of the realtor in PC) and I enjoyed the trip and made it home safely. Thanks to my nieces Catie and Chrissie and my brother John who made our stay so enjoyable! And thank you to all my friends and other family members and to everyone who came to the signing and made it a total success. Hope you are enjoying PESCADERO CREEK!

The next stop was home, Crossville, Tennessee at the Art Circle Library. Susie Randleman helped make the book signing here a wonderful success. Thank you Susie and all the others who helped promote the signing and made me feel so welcome! We had a good group, though not as many as in Quincy, but we still had fun and I really enjoyed meeting everyone.

The “new” library is beautiful! There were so many people in there! It was very encouraging as a writer to know that many people still read! Hopefully, they were reading PESCADERO CREEK! There are now two copies in the library so if you live in Crossville and want to read it before you buy it…well… there you go!

The third scheduled signing took place at the Putnam County Library in Cookeville, TN. Didn’t have a huge crowd but managed to sell some books! Everyone there was helpful and made me feel at home. I have been invited back this winter for a Local Authors Showcase which will be scheduled sometime around Christmas. We are looking forward to going back and meeting with our friends at the Putnam County Library. They now also have copies of PESCADERO CREEK available. If you have not read it and would like to, stop by and check it out!

I also wanted to mention that Just For You in downtown Cookeville is now carrying PC for purchase. I was looking for an upscale boutique to carry it and after checking out a few local bookstores, I decided to go see Marcy and see if she would be interested in carrying some copies. I had met her before when I was in her shop picking up a candle and I really liked her and her store. She has many things to choose from; everything from my book to scarves to bracelets to purses to paintings done by local artists. If you are in the Cookeville area and would like a copy of your very own, stop by and see Marcy.

Next stop is California! San Francisco and Pacifica, California to be exact! For those of you who have read the book, you know what a significant trip this will be! Hope to see you there! Keep reading and I’ll keep writing…bringing back romance one novel at a time!