Pescadero Creek Released March 1

Well, March has turned out to be my favorite month so far this year! I am excited to announce the release of my very first novel, PESCADERO CREEK on March 1and introduce you to Special Agent Robert McAllister and Dr. Morgan Warren, ME; two very close and personal (Extremely Personal!) friends of mine.

You can order PESCADERO CREEK online from or Barnes and Noble has the best price, so it is just a matter of preference where you want to shop.

I actually ordered from on March 1 and have already received my confirmation that my order is on its way. WOW! They are getting them out quickly. It’s going to be a rainy weekend, just perfect for cuddling up with a great book! Those of you who have already ordered- if you receive it in time for the weekend- ENJOY! My Tennessee friends may see it a little sooner than anyone else since it is being published right here in a little town near Nashville called Lavergne.

The quickest way to receive PESCADERO CREEK is to order it online, but there are other ways to get it, but they might take longer. All the different ways  you purchase it helps me in getting the book out there and keeping it out there. Right now that is the agenda; to keep the book on the internet sites and get it on the shelves in the bookstore. Here’s how you can help . . . .

By going into your local bookstore and requesting it by ISBN (the quickest way to find it!)

ISBN 978-1-61225-018-2
Or by requesting it by title
Or by requesting it by author (me!) 

Then tell them you would like to see it on the shelves. Which brings up something else! If you have a favorite book store and you would like for me to schedule a book signing-I would be happy to include your favorite store if I am coming your way. All you need to do is give me the name and location of the store and I will contact them. I would love to see all of you and sign your personal copy. Of course I will be running on a schedule this summer with the signings, but I will do everything I can to accommodate the stores you have requested. Just need to know where they are! Then I can let you know if and when I will be there!

I will be starting off this spring in my home state of Tennessee and then heading east to North Carolina. From there it will be west, the midwest to Missouri-where I have so many friends and a lot of family to visit!

No matter where you purchase your copy, you are welcome to bring it along with you to any of the signings and I will be happy to put my John Henry on it for you!

As far as the Kindle and Nook are concerned, I am working on that! You should be seeing that in the next couple of weeks. I am looking forward to getting it on my Kindle as much as you are! It won’t take long once I submit it.

  My Baby

Please leave your comments and if you would like to leave your bookstore suggestions here, please do so! Don’t forget to leave me your review of the book!