What are you doing New Year’s Eve? Catching up and 12 things to do if you’re alone on New Year’s Eve.

Question of the week, “What are you doing New Year’s Eve?” I ask you. “I know what I’ll be doing!” Sorry, I have been editing PESCADERO CREEK all week. (Quotation marks, not my strong suit!) Every time they (Mirror) makes a part of the book, I have to proof it. So I have basically memorized the entire manuscript.  It is taking longer to edit it than it did to write it. Which would explain why it is taking so long to edit it!

I wrote the 317 page book in less than three months. 140K Word count. Needless to say, it has changed. Story is the same, just the typing and unnecessary words are now gone or corrected. I will have it back to the editor again before the year is out! Yahoo!

Valentine’s Day release is probably not going to happen, more like late February. I apologize, I know everyone is excited. I just don’t have a firm date for release yet. I have a way to go, but Mirror is moving very quickly, I am the hold-up. I have been fighting a computer freeze, a fried flash drive and my own stupidity to get this book edited. As my editor says, “We’ll get there!” I can’t wait. I am not a patient person, but I am learning the ropes. The next novel, UNDERCOVER, should be a lot easier!

For those of you that missed it, Joyce Tenharmsel won the drawing for the free signed copy of PESCADERO CREEK.  I took everyone’s name that left me a comment on Vickey writes.com or Facebook and had a drawing. Congrats Joyce! Your name was drawn. I have ordered two hundred books so everyone on FB that wants a signed copy will get them. I can order as many as I want and as frequently as needed. Not sure about the price yet.

So, that is why I took a short hiatus from the Blog. Three major holidays in a row didn’t help either! I will be glad when I get to the point in my life where Christmas is enjoyed instead of dreaded. When it becomes a pleasure and not an interruption, like it has been the last few years. That’s what it was meant to be. Enjoyed. 

I think I enjoy Thanksgiving the most of all the major holidays. It just means a longer grocery list, more money at the grocery store and a day of cooking. (Ok, maybe an afternoon of baking and house cleaning.) But it requires no decorating, no gift wrapping and no tree. Definitely my favorite holiday.

Valentine’s Day is also one of my very favorite holidays. (Of Course!) It is a chance to show those we love how much we appreciate them. And it’s covered in roses and chocolate. I think I’ll send myself a dozen assorted roses this year. Maybe buy me something special. Sometimes if you need to feel good about yourself, you have to make it happen.  Don’t wait on someone else to do it.

Take New Year’s Eve for instance. I will spend New Years Eve in front of the computer and listening to the Music Choice channel tuned in on Singers and Swing. I will probably have a nice dinner. Don’t know if I will cook or go out. I’ll take a bubble bath and put my pj’s on early and most likely be asleep by midnight.

If you are going to be alone on New Year’s Eve here is a list of suggestions to do:

1. Go to the movies. I love going to a good “chick flick” alone and crying my eyes out with no one around to make fun of me. I can sit where I want and I don’t have to share my popcorn! You may just meet someone! I see others in the movie theatre alone all the time.

2. Get dressed up and go out to dinner. But go early, if you go later it is crowded and you’ll be flying solo so they will seat you at the bar. Unless you’re looking for someone special, if so, the bar is perfect.

3. Stay in and rent or buy a great movie.  Movies I recommend for New Year’s Eve: When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle, Devil Wears Prada, Boys on the Side, Gone With the Wind, An Affair to Remember, Letters to Juliet, Mama Mia, Cold Mountain. Or if you are wanting to have a good cry, here are some movies to really make you boo-hoo; Love Story, Terms of Endearment, Steel Magnolias, My Life, One True Thing, and Into the Wild.

4.  Order a big fat pizza with the toppings you want. But eat it all before midnight! Remember that New Year’s diet!  Don’t forget the chocolate for dessert. Grab a bag of M&Ms or Hershey Kisses. Or better yet, stop by the Outback for a piece of Chocolate Cheesecake, to go.

5. Open a nice bottle of wine or bubbly. Or get a six-pack. It’s ok to drink alone, just don’t do it every night. Drink the whole bottle. Just don’t start too early or you’ll miss the ball drop. Remember to drink water and pop a couple of Tylenol before you pass out! Don’t want to wake with a hangover-you have to work out in the morning!

6. Shop-On Line. They never close! I recommend Overstock.com, for improving your home and buying music and movies; Nordstrom, for clothing; Victoria’s Secret, for the fun stuff; New Egg for electronics; and Amazon for books and  just about everything else.

7. Work out. Get a jumpstart on looking good for next year. I always feel amazing after a long walk or a good workout. Really boosts your energy level.

8. Write your New Year’s Resolutions, at least one, come on! Everyone has a least one thing they want to do better next year. 🙂

9. Pamper yourself. a) Bubble bath b) Pedicure c) Manicure d) Shave your legs ( I know it is winter and no one sees your legs, but it really does make you feel better!) then lather on some great smelling lotion, you know the one you save for special occasions. If you’re a guy, you might enjoy a hot bubble bath too!

10. Read your favorite novel, again. Or start a brand new one. Many good ones out there and a few great ones will be coming out soon. Why not make a New Year’s Resolution to read more? It’s a great escape.

11. Get organized!  I know, it doesn’t sound very glamorous, but it will make you feel better. Pop in some tunes with a good beat and take everything out of your closet, you know it needs it. Separate by color or season and put it neatly back in. And for Heaven’s sake, throw out the old stuff. Get rid of everything you haven’t worn in the last three years. I am famous for buying clothes and never wearing them. Every January I stick those items in a box and rush it to Good Samaritans before I can change my mind! It helps others out and then I can buy more! Or balance your checkbook or catch up on laundry. You don’t have to tell anyone what you did while you spent your quiet evening at home.

12. Call someone you know  who is celebrating alone this year and wish them a Happy New Year! Let’s all have a safe and wonderful New Year’s Eve. There is so much to look forward to next year! I know there will be at least two awesome books out there to read! Looking forward to 2011! Happy New Year, All!

Got a favorite movie you want to add to the list? What about a wine? Let me know your favorite dessert, come on, leave me a comment. Let me know your favorite thing to do when you are alone! 🙂 Don’t forget to like my blog!

Thank You, Everyone Who Voted for BYP-2!

Thanks everyone for helping me decide on which picture to choose for the back cover of my book. I really appreciate your compliments and participation.

It’s unanimous! BYP-2 picture has been sent to Mirror Publishing and hopefully they will be able to use it, if not the second choice is 15. PESCADERO CREEK is in the works and hopefully will be released in mid to late February. I am very excited and grateful to all of my friends and family who have given me so much support. Just a few more approvals and it will go to press in Lavergn, TN, which is not too far from where I live. Which is also great because it won’t take me long to receive them once they are printed. I have ordered two hundred copies, which will all be signed and delivered to those of you who have requested them. As soon as I get a peek at the cover, I’ll share it with all of you! (If Mirror is okay with it!)

Now, for what you have all been waiting for, everyone who left a comment on the blog or Facebook, their name went into a drawing for a free signed copy of Pescadero Creek and …

The winner of the free signed copy is Joyce TenHarmsel, congratulations Joyce, hope you enjoy it!

Here is the synopsis that will go on the back of PESCADERO CREEK:

PESCADERO CREEK, near Pacifica, California is the location of a watery grave for beautiful young women who have been raped and strangled to death, and not necessarily in that order. When the bodies of these young women begin surfacing in PESCADERO CREEK, Special Agent Rob McAllister, the Melvin Purvis of his day, and Dr. Morgan Warren, a young inexperienced Medical Examiner are thrown together to bring the killer of the five-year murder spree to justice. However, while working closely together, they fall deeply in love and unbeknownst to them become targets of the killer themselves.

In a town that is already laden with scandal, keeping their romance a secret proves to be just as much of a challenge as cracking the case. As Rob and Morgan strive to find the killer, she proves to be as valuable to him as his lover as she is in solving the crime. Both are faced with the inevitable, what happens to their relationship when the case is solved?

And you thought it was just a romance novel! Keep reading, and I’ll keep writing.

Christmas: the Romantic Holiday

Christmas Means Romance. You’re right, I can find romance in just about anything! But have you ever stopped to think about it? All that walking around in a winter wonderland and letting it snow, baby, don’t leave cause it’s cold outside, all of those open fires and the gifts!

Even the lights on the tree say romance. How many of you sit around your living rooms with only the Christmas tree lights on or take a walk through your neighborhood after dark to see how your neighbors have decorated their homes?

Come on, someone invented snuggling on cold winter nights! If you don’t believe me, watch a Christmas movie. Most of them are packed with romantic innuendos. Here are my recommendations; in no particular order:

1. The Preacher’s Wife, “Nothing says Christmas like gym socks!” Sweet movie with Denzel Washington and Whitney Houston, made when we still liked her. Her singing blows me away.

2. The Family Stone, “Doesn’t anybody love me?” Disfunctionally romantic. Diane Keaton, Sarah Jessica Parker and Rachel McAdams, many more.

3. Scrooged, “I’ve never liked a girl enough to give her twelve sharp knives.” You gotta love Lumpy! There is definitely something sexy about a funny man. Bill Murray and Karen Allen are too cute, together.

4. Miracle on 34th Street, “Faith is believing in things when common sense tells us not to.” Whether it’s the original or the newer release, this is still subtly romantic for a children’s movie.

5.  Holiday Inn, “Be careful, it’s my heart.” Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire. Great singing and dancing, makes you feel good!

6. Christmas in Connecticut  “This is no time to take inventory, Mr. Yardley!” Barbara Stanwick, in a fur coat, with a sailor in an open sleigh. Sigh!

7. White Christmas, “Maybe it isn’t only the music.” Come on Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney, Danny Kaye and that dancer/actress with that teeny-tiny waist, can’t miss!

8. It’s a Wonderful Life, “George Bailey, I’ll love you ’til the day I die.” Possibly the best Christmas movie ever! Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed, sweet!

9. Penny Serenade, “With blue eyes and curly hair.” We’re talking Carey Grant and Irene Dunn. Enough said. Watch with a tissue, real tear jerker! Old, black and white and hard to find.

10. The Holiday, “I’m a weeper!” Who knew Jack Black and Kate Winslet would make such a cute couple? Two main reasons to watch this movie: Cameron Diez’ wardrobe and Jude Law.

11. Love Actually, No one is going to shag you if you cry all the time.” One movie that ends really, really well and has Hugh Grant to boot!

12. Family Man, “I choose us.” Nicolas Cage gets a look at what might have been…with Tea Leoni. Cute kids in this one.

13. Holiday Affair, “Good Evening, Mr. Ennis!” Another one that is hard to find, but usually comes on Turner Classic Movie Channel during Christmas. Robert Mitchum and Janet Leigh (Psycho). Bratty kid, cute couple. Robert Mitchum is handsome in this one!

If you don’t believe me or you just never put the two together, Christmas and Romance go hand in hand. Listen to Christmas music. Now’s the time to get in the mood, I mean spirit!