What Do Women Really Want?

What the hell do women want? You know what we want? I’m going to tell you what we want. Here’s my list:

10. Honesty. We want you to be yourself. We don’t like surprises, at least not those kind of surprises, so be upfront. If you don’t like onions on your pizza, tell us. If you prefer beer over wine let us know! It’s a sign of maturity. Don’t try to be what you think we want you to be –be yourself.

9. Act your age and pay attention. Get your face out of that video game! Sometimes just being around a man can make us feel good about ourselves. If you have your eyes on the television, how can you see us? We want to be seen, we want to be looked at. How are you going to do that when your attention is elsewhere? Learn how to carry on a conversation with us and more importantly, listen to us, we want to be heard.

8.Be a man. I don’t mean belching after a big meal or farting after sex. For those of us non-lesbians out there, we want our guys to be guys. Take the initiative, make the first move, and make it often. Look into her eyes and let her know you want her. Let nature take its’ course, if you want her, let her know. You were put on this earth to lead, so lead. Do I sound a little old-fashioned? That’s because I am. Real men know how to accept an advance from a woman. I’m all for making the first move, as long as you know how to handle it. If I meet you at the door wrapped in Saran Wrap or wearing nothing but an apron and chef’s hat, you better know what to do with it!

7. Take responsibility. Be responsible for your actions and accept who you are. Life has led you down the road you have chosen. Don’t blame others for your wrong turns and short comings. We love your short comings, it’s part of who you are. And we hate whiners.

6. Never follow the woman. Again-Guess what? We don’t want to lead. We lead because you won’t . If you have a woman “leading you around by the nose” it’s your fault. We want you to be the strong one. If we have a bad day, we want to curl up in your lap and have you hold us. When we cry, we want to be comforted, we want you to make it better. Make sure you put down that newspaper or shut off that television, because yeah, we need you.

5. Don’t leave all the decision making to us! For god’s sake pick the flippin’ restaurant once in a while, or better yet, tell her to meet you at the door naked because you are bringing dinner home.

4. Man up. If you’re insecure about something-get over it. We have already spotted it, dealt with it and accepted it. We still love you, all of you, even whatever it is you are insecure about.

3. Stop needing a woman to need you. If we want a night out with the girls, ask us if we have enough cash and tell us to call you if we need a ride home. Then tell us goodbye and that you love us. We’re not going out to cheat, we’re going out to cut loose and unwind. Trust us, it’s very attractive and makes us feel secure when you do.

2. Continue to improve yourself. Like we do. Both men and women get complacent in relationships. Keep it fresh. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Work out together-naked. Rent a policeman’s uniform and hold her for questioning one night. Don’t forget the handcuffs! Life is short, take chances. You miss 100% of the shots you never take.

1. Be spontaneous. Flowers work, whether it’s a single red rose or a bouquet you picked along the road on your way home. (Sigh) Bring her home a nightie wrapped in tissue paper and tied up with ribbons. Get that load of laundry out of the dryer and fold it up when you hear the buzzer go off, before she asks you to. Wash the dishes while she soaks in a bubble bath or soak with her and do the dishes later. Take her away for the weekend, even if it’s not far away. Let her know you love her, let her know you still care and that you want to be with her. And when you’re with her, make her believe there is absolutely no where else on earth you’d rather be, than right there with her.Tell her you love her, there are so many ways to do it!

Even Rob  McAllister has to work at it! Here’s an excerpt from my second novel UNDERCOVER:

Rob stayed on his side of the bed determined he would win this battle.

Morgan lay there listening to her own angry breathing. She was angry because he wasn’t trying to make up again and she was angry because she knew he was right. But what should she do? If she gave in they would certainly make love. If she didn’t they would start all over again fighting in the morning.

She rolled to her back. Rob lay there with his arms folded, still staring at the ceiling.

“Shorty went to sleep alright without me?” She asked.

“Yes, he was worn out from the swimming; I fed him a bottle and some cereal.”


“Yeah?” He whispered.

“I’m sorry.”

“Me too.” He whispered again still not moving.

Morgan assumed he didn’t want her and decided to roll over and close her eyes. Rob watched her roll away from him. He couldn’t quite figure out what to do next. He did not want to be turned away again. Two refusals from her in one night would hurt his ego. She had never refused his advances before, but she was running luke warm tonight.  He decided to play it safe. “Goodnight, Baby.” He said as he kissed her head. He waited for her to roll over, but she didn’t and he lay back on his pillow.

This game of cat and mouse was getting old. Morgan turned around just as Rob was moving closer to her again; he was not going to sleep without kissing and holding her. “Come here, Morgan.” He said as he dragged her to him.

She giggled and wrapped her arms around his neck. “I love you.” She whispered. Rob was amazed at how quickly she could go from being angry to being sweet.

He pulled the pink nightgown over her head and turned her over on her stomach.  He started to kiss her back while he moved her hair out of his way.  He massaged her back from her shoulders down to her feet. He rubbed her through her panties before he slid them down her long legs.  As he gently moved her legs apart, he moved on top of her.

“Rob, what are you doing?”

“What do you think I’m doing?” He whispered in her ear as he moved again, slipping himself inside of her.

She moaned softly beneath him as he started to move within her. He kissed her neck and back as he held her arms down. His movements grew quicker and harder causing Morgan to cry out. Rob froze, “Am I hurting you?” He asked.

Morgan kept her head down, “No!” She laughed.

That was all he needed to continue. Once again he began to move into her causing her to orgasm over and over. When he finished, he collapsed on top of her.

“That was new.” Morgan finally said as she raised her head.

Rob rolled from her laughing. “I heard some of the guys talking about it at work.”

“What?” Morgan asked. “You talk about me at work?”

“No, I said I heard some guys talking about it at work.” He explained. “I thought it sounded fun, you seemed to like it.”

“Rob!” She sounded shocked.

“Come here, I have another one.” He said as he grabbed her and pulled her on top of him. “Remember what I wanted to do to you after the concert?”

Morgan giggled as she remembered and Rob pulled the comforter over their heads.

That excerpt about covered it all! Take a shot-what have you got to loose?

Romantic Destinations….Let’s go!

I love taking spur of the moment trips! I love taking short trips and long trips. I love taking trips with other couples, with my children, without my children and I love simple day trips! Sometimes I just like to get in the car on a Saturday morning or a Sunday afternoon and just drive. I don’t care if we’re just looking at fall foliage or actually have a planned destination-like they say-getting there is half the fun. Is there anything better than discovering a fantastic little dive or a quaint little restaurant in the middle of nowhere? I love that! Exploring new places and sleeping in a strange bed or eating different foods, it’s exciting and fun! Not to mention all the interesting people you meet along the way. 

This week I have decided to share some of the places I have been and have found to be quite romantic. When I say romantic, I am including the charming and quaint places that are special and memorable to me. Of course, it helps if you take along the right person! Actually it can make all the difference in the world. Here are a few of my favorites:

I love the mountains. There is nothing more beautiful than a drive from Tennessee to North Carolina via the Blue Ridge Parkway in the fall. Absolutely breathtaking. But before you hit the parkway, first stop is Gatlinburg, Tennessee. I am lucky to live not more than a couple of hours away so it is the perfect honeymoon destination and weekend trip for the locals here. I, myself had a honeymoon in nearby Pigeon Forge (great shopping) where you can rent romantic hotel rooms, chalets or cabins with hot tubs, fireplaces and king size beds. Of course you can walk to everything and there’s the Ripley’s Aquarium and Dollywood along with all the fudge you can eat. Nice restaurants too! In the last few years Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg have grown by leaps and bounds. Great place to visit, whether you are looking for romantic walks on the Smokey Mountain trails or the excitement of the amusement parks, you will fall in love with Gatlinburg.

No Romantic Destinations list would be complete without my beloved Nashville, Tennessee. Spending Valentine’s Day or an anniversary in a city is so romantic; there is just something about staying in a nice hotel in the heart of a city that totally turns me on! I love the city, I love the noise, the smells, the people and the fact that it’s alive. I love being part of something that is bigger than I am. The romance of the city comes from Nashville’s history of war and music. The Opryland Hotel is worth a tour even if you can’t afford to stay there. Walk the streets of downtown Nashville and you never know who you’ll run into or see sitting in that car beside you at a stoplight. In my opinion, Nashville is the most beautiful in the spring when the Bradford Pear trees and the azaleas are in full bloom. After the flood Nashville endured last spring, not everything has been re-opened, so check it out before you make your plans. Don’t forget your Grand Ole Opry tickets.

Next destination is of course, San Francisco, my favorite city in the whole United States. Definitely the most beautiful! It’s got it all! There is the ocean, the cliffs, the excitement of the big city, Muir Woods with its’ gigantic redwoods and fantastic accommodations. You can walk along Fisherman’s Wharf and enjoy a bowl of clam chowder, or take a boat tour around the city where you can see St Peter and Paul’s, the church where Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe were married. If you are into fishing, try PESCADERO CREEK, you might just see Pacifica, if it is not too foggy! Drive over the Golden Gate bridge, then up the coast to Tamales Bay for oysters or to Glenn Ellen for a bottle of wine; be sure to stop at Ghirardelli for some chocolate. There is an incredible abundance of places to see and activities to do there, including the trains that take you into wine country. Gotta love trains. 🙂 Perfect romantic destination.

Next is the beach, of course. My favorite beach, Waikiki in Honolulu, Hawaii. Two of my most beautiful memories of Hawaii are the sky and the way the island smelled. The incredible sky is brilliant electric blue with fluffy soft white clouds that you can almost reach out and touch, it’s like they gather over the island just to be seen. With all the flowers on the big island, the air is incredible. I can still smell it, and I was there in 1980! Ha! I have fond memories of Waimea Falls, where I skinny dipped for the first time and the top of Diamond Head, an inactive volcano. Well, not so inactive that day back in 1980!

The last place I want to mention is Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The one place I have been where you can eat lobster three meals a day! A little on the chilly side, but beautiful. Take a day to drive around the Cape and discover all of the lighthouses where charming little hamlets every few miles on beautiful cliffs and rocky shoreline welcome you. Stop for a lobster roll, fudge, (I heart fudge!) or an ice cream; find a book by a local author or a piece of artwork from one of the many galleries. If you’re not squeamish about ferry boats, jump on one to Martha’s Vineyard and enjoy a day on the island. Try not to think about it, but that is where they filmed Jaws. Hold hands and stroll along the streets lined with the classic Victorian houses. We discovered Cape Cod after watching the food network, I know, not very romantic! We saw a show about a restaurant called Tugboats in Hyannis Port where they have these incredible lobster rolls and the most scrumptious lobster bisque you will ever eat. That is what drew us there and it was well worth the trip, every bite!

A far as places I haven’t been, I have two that I fantasize about. One is New York City and meeting “him” on the top of the Empire State Building. Ultimate big city, high-rise hotels overlooking the park and fabulous shopping make NYC the ultimate destination. One of my best friends was proposed to on top of the ESB. How romantic was that I ask you?  I have to mention Keith and Beccy Lambert, you take the prize for the most romantic marriage proposal. Winter time, Valentine’s Day (Hello!) on top of the ESB, down on one knee, with a diamond in his hand, Keith asked Bec to marry him. Awesome story.

Next fantasy destination is going to reveal something new about myself, I have a thing about trains. Yes, trains. The Orient Express runs from Venice, Italy, (Sigh!) to Paris, France, (Double Sigh!) Can you imagine! If anyone has taken that trip, I need to know about it. Spending the night on a train with the one you love and going from one of the most romantic destinations in the world to another would be the trip of a lifetime. I will be on board for that one! Definitely on my to do list.

There you have it, a list of romantic destinations. Places to remember, if you have already been there or to dream about if you haven’t. I will dreaming about the Orient Express. Anybody want to tag along?

Pescadero Creek Will Soon Be Published!

Yes! Mirror Publishing has accepted my manuscript for PESCADERO CREEK! Needless to say this has been an incredibly busy week for moi! I am in search of an editor for the final cleansing of my full length novel before I surrender it to Mirror. I am so anal about it, every time I read a paragraph, I change something! Is any writer ever completely content with their work? How does any artist know when their work is finished? I can see now why Hemingway was an alcoholic!

I actually had a professional editor look at  PC and she suggested some repairs in my punctuation and a few changes with the dialogue. (Thank you Anne Berry at Roane State Community College!) Unfortunately, she could not take on the project. And so the search continues!

Thanks to Allie Hall, Erin Smyser and Staci English for their interest and support in reading PC. Staci, thanks for your constructive criticism, I appreciate your feedback.

My publicist in Nashville, for those of you that know her, is my sister Mary. Mary is busy planning out my book tour which will start as soon as PC is released. I have no idea when that will be, but for my Blog followers and my Facebook friends; you will be the first to know! (Right after my family of course!) Writing the book was way easier than trying to get it published! Now I have to sell it, that’s where the tour will come in.

Thank you, Debbie Hudnut back home in Missouri for your info on Walden’s. If any of you have a favorite bookstore, please give me the name, website, address or any other info that I might use to contact them to schedule a book signing. If I get the info early I can better organize my travel plans.

You may have noticed I have done a bit of name dropping in this post. While I was writing, I found it sometimes difficult to come up with names for some of the minor characters. (At one point I actually pulled up Facebook and got several names from my home page. :))Naturally I started thinking about my family and friends who you will find in all three novels. So, if you are reading along and you come across your own name, don’t be surprised!

Here are just a few examples from PESCADERO CREEK:

Morgan made her way into the morgue and greeted Chris with a good morning. Chris Williams was her assistant. (Chris is my son.)


Morgan pulled out a small leather pouch that contained the girl’s soggy driver’s license and a Bank of America ATM card. She handed the pouch to Agent McAllister.

He smoothed some of the mud away from her picture to see her face. “Jo Bryson.” He said. (Jo is a friend and she also cuts my hair!)


A tall blond lady in a tight white dress came around the back of the house and stood beside him, “What do you think so far?”

“I like it, seems like a good area, scenery’s not bad either.” Rob said.

“I’m Mary McIntosh, I own the house, I am the one you spoke with this morning.” She told him.

“Nice to meet you, Mrs. McIntosh.” He said as he held out his hand. (Mary McIntosh is my sister and Publicist!)


Starving, she decided to see if her friend Dr. Staci wanted to get something to eat in the hospital cafeteria with her. Dr. Abigail Staci was her best friend and personal physician specializing in Gynecology/Obstetrics. Morgan had met Abigail in medical school; she was also originally from the Bay Area and had grown up there, just like Morgan. They met in the cafeteria and enjoyed a brief lunch together. Dr. Staci noticed there was something a little different in Morgan’s demeanor that day. She was almost glowing. “You’ve been having sex!” She stated firmly. Morgan was shocked; she didn’t know what to say.  (My niece Staci and great-niece Abigail, her daughter!)


“Michael, can I get a Perrier please?” She turned and winked at Rob.

Michael handed Morgan the water and asked her if he could do anything else for them. “Nothing, thank you, Michael, that will be all.” She dismissed him. (Michael is my son also.)

 I don’t want to share anymore, it’s too much fun getting your reactions when you discover your names are in the story!