Book Signing in Huntersville, NC

There’s nothing quite like seeing old friends and enjoying some time together! That’s what my latest book signing was all about. Thursday evening after work at my publicist ‘s (my sister) apartment in Huntersville, North Carolina I held a book signing where those in attendance were mostly friends from the nuclear power plant where I used to work. I also made some new friends and got to hug some of my “old” ones. It was  truly a bittersweet night as they shared their excitement about PESCADERO CREEK and we reminisced about my days at the plant with them. I was definitely blessed to have worked with such wonderful people and I am very happy that they are supporting me in this new path which I am galloping down.

Some of those in attendance knew that I had been jotting down ideas on “post it” notes while I was working the night shift and had developed a story which would be, at that time, my first vampire novel. But as everyone knows by now, that changed. I was honored that so many came to pick up a signed copy of “PC” and I am anxiously waiting to hear how everyone liked it. Thanks to you all who came, it was great to see you again!

I also made some new friends that evening and was paid one of the highest compliments I could ever receive. I met someone who said that PESCADERO CREEK and my style of writing reminded her of an author she used to read in college. That author was Kathleen Woodiwiss who just happens to be my favorite novelist. Thank you, Gayla for the major compliment. You made my whole evening and it was very nice to meet you. I held that woman in high esteem but unfortunately Kathleen is no longer with us. She passed away from cancer a few years ago. I was very saddened by the news when I read about it but her memory is alive and well in me and I will continue to read her books over and over again. If you love historical romances, she is the queen! She has been one of my biggest inspirations.

The guests were awesome, the food was delicious and the wine was plentiful. I wish all of you could have been there. Thank you Mary McIntosh (PESCADERO CREEK) and Krista Brady for your hospitality and my son Michael Ray (UNDERCOVER) who helped set up and picked up some amazing wine for us to enjoy. For those of you who are just starting out with your books and are having a difficult time setting up book signings, remember you don’t have to always hold them in a book store! Libraries, the homes of friends, restaurants, local book clubs, and even bakeries (!) make great places to have your signings.

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UNDERCOVER, the second in the PESCADERO CREEK SERIES is coming along. I am now 305 pages strong and am working diligently to finish it! Look for a teaser excerpt in my next blog!


What a hot, hot, hot summer we are having! You know the hottest thing in Tennessee is not the weather, it’s a dip in Pescadero Creek! A sizzling summer read by local author Victoria Williams-Fisher….That’s the slogan for my new ad running in some of the local newspapers this week. We’ll see what kind of attention that grabs!

I know I have been quiet, but for those of you who follow me, you know me well enough by now that if I am being quiet I am either writing or traveling!  That is exactly what has been going on! I am now 284 pages strong into UNDERCOVER. I have talked before about it coming out late this fall and that is what I am striving for, my peeps! Hang in there, it’s coming!

UNDERCOVER is more complex than PESCADERO CREEK with many more characters. If you are a friend of mine on Facebook, then don’t be surprised if you show up in the book! That’s where I go to get names, kids!

I recently returned from San Francisco where my publicist and I spent a week at the Fairmont. For those of you familiar with PESCADERO CREEK, you’ll understand why we stayed there. What a magnificent hotel! The television series HOTEL starring James Brolin and Connie Sellecca that ran from 1983-88 was filmed there. The hotel actually has a channel on their televisions on which you can watch episodes. It was too cool!

The first day at the hotel (which sits on the very top of Nob Hill in San Francisco) we ventured out for a walk to Union Square to do some (what else?) shopping. I love the city. I love the noise, the people, the shops, the traffic, and all the many differences I find from where I live. Nashville seemed so small and laid back when we returned! As much as I love Tennessee and Nashville, I have to admit, I truly love San Francisco and being back there was much like going home for me. I’m not a native Californian, but I sure do feel like it when I’m there.

When we finally returned from our very productive day of shopping-we found a three-story Coach store (!!!) – we walked back up Nob Hill and breathlessly entered our hotel. For those of you who have been to San Francisco, you will sympathize with me! Climbing that hill was no easy feat and by the time we returned, well just let me say I now have “buns of steel.” You don’t see a whole lot of overweight people in SF because they walk everywhere and it is extremely hilly. Anyway, when we walked around to the front entrance, I noticed two automobiles sitting side-by-side in the only two spaces available, and guess what kind of cars they were? Well, Rob and Morgan must have been having a rendezvous at the Fairmont because a Maserati was sitting next to a Range Rover. It was like a sign, I couldn’t believe it! What are the odds?

There just isn’t any other place, at least none I’ve been to, that is anything like San Francisco. We met some awesome people out there and you know who you are… Randy, Sara, Aaron, Jean, Bernard, Charlotte, Chris and all of you at the Fairmont who we came in constant contact with and eveyone else who attended my book signings, it was a great pleasure meeting all of you.

I wish I could describe the feeling of the city to you better. I want you to know what it’s like to sit in one of the little restaurants along the streets of the city listening to all the different languages being spoken while eating something you’ve never dared to eat before. Or know what it’s like to wake up and see Alcatraz from your window…to stare into the deep blue bay and get tears in your eyes because you have never seen anything quite as beautiful…to freeze your butt off in July… or to walk through Chinatown on a Sunday morning and into a grocery store where you don’t know what anything is or what it could possibly be used for…or to sit and watch the fog roll in and overtake the city. My wish would be for everyone of you to have the opportunity to visit the incredibe coast of Northern California just once in your lifetime. You will fall in love with it and as for me, I most certainly have left my heart in San Francisco!

Book Signings Are Going Great!

Whew! As much fun as they are exhausting-I must say my book signings have been awesome. I am so thankful that PESCADERO CREEK is going over so well! At my first book signing that took place in Quincy, IL, right across the river from where I grew up in Missouri, I had an attendance of 85 people! GREAT DEBATE BOOKS was very happy with me! We had an excellent time and sold many books. Not to mention the cups of coffee and the drinks at the coffee bar that everyone consumed! (By the way, the coffee shop at the store is really good!)

It was great to see my family and many of my high school friends who attended the signing. I have been keeping up with most of them on Facebook, but some came because of the article in the local papers; the Press News Journal and the Quincy Herald Whig. Who, by the way, wrote excellent articles about me including pictures of me and the book’s cover.

One of my high school teachers came by and a lady that I did not recognize at first! I knew I remembered her from school, but I just could not place her. Faces do change after thirty years! Anyway, she said, “Vickey, you don’t remember me do you?” I looked at her but I just could not place her and finally I had to admit it. She said, “I was a cook in the cafeteria where you went to highschool.” I almost cried. Then she said, “I remember you!” Wow! I was so choked up, I could hardly speak. Out of all those kids, she remembered me! Of course, I don’t know if it was in a good way or not, but she was there! It really touched my heart.

My publicist and sister, Mary McIntosh (also the name of the realtor in PC) and I enjoyed the trip and made it home safely. Thanks to my nieces Catie and Chrissie and my brother John who made our stay so enjoyable! And thank you to all my friends and other family members and to everyone who came to the signing and made it a total success. Hope you are enjoying PESCADERO CREEK!

The next stop was home, Crossville, Tennessee at the Art Circle Library. Susie Randleman helped make the book signing here a wonderful success. Thank you Susie and all the others who helped promote the signing and made me feel so welcome! We had a good group, though not as many as in Quincy, but we still had fun and I really enjoyed meeting everyone.

The “new” library is beautiful! There were so many people in there! It was very encouraging as a writer to know that many people still read! Hopefully, they were reading PESCADERO CREEK! There are now two copies in the library so if you live in Crossville and want to read it before you buy it…well… there you go!

The third scheduled signing took place at the Putnam County Library in Cookeville, TN. Didn’t have a huge crowd but managed to sell some books! Everyone there was helpful and made me feel at home. I have been invited back this winter for a Local Authors Showcase which will be scheduled sometime around Christmas. We are looking forward to going back and meeting with our friends at the Putnam County Library. They now also have copies of PESCADERO CREEK available. If you have not read it and would like to, stop by and check it out!

I also wanted to mention that Just For You in downtown Cookeville is now carrying PC for purchase. I was looking for an upscale boutique to carry it and after checking out a few local bookstores, I decided to go see Marcy and see if she would be interested in carrying some copies. I had met her before when I was in her shop picking up a candle and I really liked her and her store. She has many things to choose from; everything from my book to scarves to bracelets to purses to paintings done by local artists. If you are in the Cookeville area and would like a copy of your very own, stop by and see Marcy.

Next stop is California! San Francisco and Pacifica, California to be exact! For those of you who have read the book, you know what a significant trip this will be! Hope to see you there! Keep reading and I’ll keep writing…bringing back romance one novel at a time!

Tenative Summer Book Signing Schedule and Events for PESCADERO CREEK

I will be updating the following list of book signings and calendar of events for PESCADERO CREEK throughout the summer. If you live near one of the locations listed, please join me to pick up your signed copy! Or if you already have a copy, I would love to meet you! Please bring your book by and I will be happy to sign it for you. I will also answer any questions you may have about PC.

For those of you that are wondering about Kindle and Nook… I have been so busy promoting PESCADERO CREEK and finishing UNDERCOVER and REMEMBERING, that I have had to put that on hold until June. I apologize, I thought it was going to be an easy process, but it is a little more time consuming than I had anticipated. Once I get the submission ready, it will be available in seventy-two hours. Believe me, I want it available for Nook and Kindle as much as you do! Thank you so much for being patient with me!

For those of you who are anxiously awaiting the release of UNDERCOVER, please stay tuned and catch the updates on the blog. I will be posting more excerpts and info on the second book in the PESCADERO CREEK series soon. I am hoping for a release date early this fall. As soon as my publicist takes over the promotion of PC I will be able to concentrate on finishing UNDERCOVER, which is, by the way, a lot more intricate and complicated than PC was. There are many more characters and many more twists and turns as you will see when you read it. And no one has read it yet! I am keeping this one under wraps, but soon I will be sharing parts of it with you, my FB friends and blog readers.


MAY 2011

Read all about it!

Grab a Sunday Edition of the Herald-Citizen May 22 for an article about me and Pescadero Creek!

JUNE 2011

June 18

Quincy, Illinois

Great Debate Books

535 Main Street #3

10:00 a.m. ― 1:00

Article from Quincy Herald Whig

 June 20

Listen to this!

Radio interview Crossville, TN Radio 8 a.m. 102.5 and Mix 99.3

 June 21

Crossville, Tennessee

Art Circle Library

3 East Street

12:00 p.m. ― 2:00

June 28

Cookeville, Tennessee

Putnam County Library

1:00 pm ― 3:00


JULY 2011

July 15

San Francisco, California

Alexander Book Company

50 Second Street

12:30 p.m. ― 2:30

July 16

Pacifica, California

Florey’s Book Company

2120 Palmetto Avenue

2:00 p.m. ― 4:00

 Tentative Fall Opportunities

Local Authors Day, Barnes and Noble, Murpheesboro, Tennessee (Fall 2011, Awaiting date)

Southern Festival of Books, Nashville, Tennessee (October 2011, Awaiting acceptance)

Local Authors Day, Barnes and Noble, Columbia, Missouri (Awaiting Date)

If you would like to suggest a city for me to visit, please let me know! Leave your information in a comment and I will see what I can do! There are many more cities I will be visiting this summer, I am waiting on dates, so keep reading and I will update you on all of the additions.

As always, keep reading and I’ll keep writing….bringing back romance one novel at a time!

Things You Didn’t Know About Pescadero Creek!

  • Hey bet ‘cha didn’t know Pescadero Creek started out as a Vampire Novel did you? I was actually pretty far along with it when I ditched the whole idea and made Morgan, the main character, a regular human being. But you have to admit, if anyone could pull off the whole “vampire thing,” Morgan could. There are parts of the story that I left in that are actually clues about Morgan being a vampire! See if you can catch them! I still have the story in my head and quite a few notes so maybe someday…well…we’ll see.
  • Pescadero Creek is an actual creek that runs for nine miles below San Francisco. It is known for its excellent fishing.
  • Pacifica is a foggy little city just south of San Francisco. And yes, I once lived there for a brief time.
  • If I could have chosen a career-correction- if I would have chosen a career it would have been a Medical Examiner or Forensic Detective. Regret it? Sure, but then I might not be a writer.
  • Robert McAllister, Special FBI Agent was named for Rob Pattinson. Yeah, Edward Cullen.
  • I came up with the “whole freezing the victims thing” after watching my youngest son capture and freeze large bees in our back yard. He would trap these bees in jars and freeze them until they could not move. Then he would tie strings around them. When they thawed out, they tried to fly away but would fly in a circle around his head while the string held them. True story.
  • Dr. Abigail Staci is named for my niece Staci and her daughter Abigail. They were some of the first people I told about the book, even before it was written.
  • Mirror Publishing, who accepted Pescadero Creek only accepts 6% of the manuscripts submitted. I am in that six percentile. That is something I am extremely proud of.
  • Pescadero Creek is the first in a series of three books about Agent McAllister and Dr. Morgan Warren.
  • Funny I should mention that because…..I have recently decided to add a fourth to the series. After reading REMEMBERING, you will understand why I felt a need to write a fourth. It has been tentatively titled THE WARRENS and it is a prequel to the series and also continues with the lives of the main characters. Some of my readers have asked about the Warren’s fortune and how they became so wealthy. Of course it will be twisty and full of surprises! And very, very steamy!
  • Pescadero Creek has a revision. After getting the book and going over it, I found some spelling errors and a couple of grammar no no’s I was guilty of committing throughout the book. Reading it over and over and over and over again just made me memorize it, to be honest, so I hired a professional editor, Bridget Rongner and she literally saved my butt! For those of you who have the first edition, hey, yours may be worth something someday! I apologize for the mistakes, but they did not affect the story in any way. The revision does have a couple of tiny changes, for the better. But anyway….it’s out there!
  • Someone asked about the author’s information on the back cover….well not much about me is there? That’s because it’s not about me. It’s about Rob and Morgan. There will come a time, very soon, when people will want to know more about me…until then…..
  • I wrote PESCADERO CREEK in lesss than three months.
  • If I was in the middle of writing and I needed a name for a character in the book, I would pull up Facebook and look for names. If someone came over to the house when I was trying to come up with a name, yeah, they ended up in the book, too!

For those of you who have read the book, please leave me a comment or feel free to ask any questions you may have about PESCADERO CREEK.

Pescadero Creek Released March 1

Well, March has turned out to be my favorite month so far this year! I am excited to announce the release of my very first novel, PESCADERO CREEK on March 1and introduce you to Special Agent Robert McAllister and Dr. Morgan Warren, ME; two very close and personal (Extremely Personal!) friends of mine.

You can order PESCADERO CREEK online from or Barnes and Noble has the best price, so it is just a matter of preference where you want to shop.

I actually ordered from on March 1 and have already received my confirmation that my order is on its way. WOW! They are getting them out quickly. It’s going to be a rainy weekend, just perfect for cuddling up with a great book! Those of you who have already ordered- if you receive it in time for the weekend- ENJOY! My Tennessee friends may see it a little sooner than anyone else since it is being published right here in a little town near Nashville called Lavergne.

The quickest way to receive PESCADERO CREEK is to order it online, but there are other ways to get it, but they might take longer. All the different ways  you purchase it helps me in getting the book out there and keeping it out there. Right now that is the agenda; to keep the book on the internet sites and get it on the shelves in the bookstore. Here’s how you can help . . . .

By going into your local bookstore and requesting it by ISBN (the quickest way to find it!)

ISBN 978-1-61225-018-2
Or by requesting it by title
Or by requesting it by author (me!) 

Then tell them you would like to see it on the shelves. Which brings up something else! If you have a favorite book store and you would like for me to schedule a book signing-I would be happy to include your favorite store if I am coming your way. All you need to do is give me the name and location of the store and I will contact them. I would love to see all of you and sign your personal copy. Of course I will be running on a schedule this summer with the signings, but I will do everything I can to accommodate the stores you have requested. Just need to know where they are! Then I can let you know if and when I will be there!

I will be starting off this spring in my home state of Tennessee and then heading east to North Carolina. From there it will be west, the midwest to Missouri-where I have so many friends and a lot of family to visit!

No matter where you purchase your copy, you are welcome to bring it along with you to any of the signings and I will be happy to put my John Henry on it for you!

As far as the Kindle and Nook are concerned, I am working on that! You should be seeing that in the next couple of weeks. I am looking forward to getting it on my Kindle as much as you are! It won’t take long once I submit it.

  My Baby

Please leave your comments and if you would like to leave your bookstore suggestions here, please do so! Don’t forget to leave me your review of the book!

Sneak Peek! Pescadero Creek Front Book Cover

Last night I sent the email that will send Pescadero Creek to the printers. It was one of the  scariest moments of my life. I finally let it go. I made changes and corrections until I had the editor at Mirror dreading my emails. He never complained, but I know I got on his nerves with the pages and pages of changes. Even after all the changes, I  know I could have changed probably a hundred more things, but I sent it away. So far today, I haven’t had any moments of panic. OK, yeah, I’ve had a couple of small ones, but I recovered quickly!

I guess the best way to describe the way I’m feeling is to compare it to the first time I watched my oldest son get on the bus for school. I wanted him to go and I knew he was ready, but watching him ride away was another one of the hardest things I have ever done. I remember standing alongside the road and crying my eyes out. Then throughout the day, I would have small panic attacks missing him and worrying about him. I hoped and prayed that he would make friends and that the teacher would like him. That first year of school would set the tone for the next twelve years of his education.

I guess this first book is my “kindergarten.” Pescadero Creek will set the tone for all the books to follow. After reading this one, well, you will either read the next one or you won’t!

I am confident that you, my readers, will love it. I am confident in my characters, I think they are exciting and wonderful; I am extremely confident in the story. So what am I worried about? In honesty, people finding mistakes. Having never done this before, I don’t know all the rules. I don’t know all the do’s and don’ts. I didn’t study Literature in college. I don’t have a PhD. I’m just me and I have a story to tell.

I have recently received the cover for PESCADERO CREEK. I wanted to share it today with all of you. Until I saw the cover, it didn’t really seem real. Now it does. Can you begin to understand why I am so nervous? Just a little? Leave me a comment here on the blog and let me know what you think!

 HERE IT IS! Double click image for larger image.